Plant-based Coconut Yogurts

Coconut cultured yogurt is the latest movement of superfoods that help restore and revitalize the microbiome (aka the gut). But for plant-based and dairy-free dieters, it's an incentive to recreate their most heart-felt recipes without the need for comprising clean, traceable ingredients.  

Husband and Wife duo Ari (New Zealander), and Katie (Canadian) are cofounders of Simpla Plant-Based Coconut Yogurts, made in the picturesque countryside of Hockley Valley, Ontario. 

We sat down with the creators to talk about how SIMPLA's  ingredient structure has landed their coconut yogurts across the province, changing the landscape of what it means to shop plant-based.

Their collection has an impressive certification standing too, providing wholesome, quality dairy alternatives to Canadian shoppers.

  • Plastic Neutral Certified
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Sustainable Practices
  • No gums, thickener's or preservatives

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Each serving contains 5 different strains of vegan probiotics  shown to improve gut-health, and is made without filler's, artificial flavors, or preservatives, all while providing the delicious taste & texture of traditional Greek yogurt. 



Q. Ari, you’re originally from New Zealand, and Katie a native Canadian – how did this synergy shape the Simpla story?

We were both playing NCAA college tennis in the USA and Katie was on the women’s team and I was on the mens team. We fell in love shortly after and have been together for almost a decade since then. Our love for coconut yogurt started on our first trip back to New Zealand in 2013. There is this authentic coconut yogurt in New Zealand that we couldn’t find in the USA or Canada. So we started making it for ourselves in our kitchen and that led to our friends & family suggesting we start a business around it here in Canada.

Q. Can you walk us through some of the major milestones that brought your brand to life?

Probably the biggest milestone was just figuring out that less is more. It took us over 2 years to finalize our recipe’s & we realized that we needed to keep it Simpla.

After getting the recipe and probiotics down, we were so lucky to have some amazing support from smaller retailers like Coco Market in Toronto & the Wild Stand General Store up in Collingwood who supported us from day 1. They helped champion a loyal group of customers and the from there we have been organically growing.

Q. What’s the goal for Simpla to bring to Canadians?

We believe strongly that good health starts in the gut – so yogurt is a great way to boost your gut microbiome. 

Our mission has always been to develop clean food products that are good for people & our home planet. We are in business to do good, its that Simpla. If we can influence more people to eat a plant-rich diet, it is one of the best ways an individual can reduce their carbon footprint.

Q. For anybody who is new to coconut-cultured yogurt, how would you describe it?

It tastes like you are eating thick and creamy delicious coconut yogurt. Basically, there are no surprises.

The texture is a nice thick Greek style yogurt. Most people are pleasantly surprised when they try Simpla for the first time because they didn’t realize plant-based yogurt could taste so delicious.

Q. In what ways can someone benefit by including Simpla into their routine?

By adding some Simpla coconut yogurt into your daily routine, you are elevating your health through boosting your probiotic intake. Simpla is packed with 5 probiotic strains that have been proven to improve overall gut health and wellbeing.

Q. Your yogurt is plant-based, can it be used as a substitute ingredient?

You can use Simpla as a substitute for almost any recipe you would use ordinary dairy yogurt. Sour cream, as a soup topper, in smoothies, to make ice cream! Anything!!


Q. Are there any recipes that Canadians can enjoy this summer and fall?

We are so excited about the amazing homemade popsicles we have been making with real fruit + Simpla coconut yogurt. Its easy – just blend up some fruit of your choice with Simpla and add to your homemade popsicle maker (you can get these on Amazon for less than $20).


Q. We really resonated with your sustainability project, THE GOOD FOOD MOVEMENT, could you explain this impact to our readers?

We believe if we simplify our food choices every day, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous future for people & the planet.

Simpla uses sustainable packaging, organic ingredients, and just recently became plastic neutral certified. If we all carefully look at the food choices, we are making every day, it can have a huge impact on climate change, keeping our waterways clean, and ensuring we have a thriving healthy population of happy people.

Q. What are some things to look forward to from Simpla?

We are always looking at innovative ways to eat clean plant-based foods that have been minimally processed. That being said, we have a new flavor that we have been working on which will launch shortly. We are just stoked to be a part of the good food movement and partner with more likeminded foodies!

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