A locally-based health foods store located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

In our shop we explore, and showcase all of nature’s ingredients and how to maximize on nutrients that are designed to improve you!


Nutrient intake is abstract, diverse, and accentuating – with many unique properties and health promoting benefits!

To add, each can be explored through different ways, like:

  • Mediums
  • Dosages
  • Combinations

All of which work in synergy to facilitate a positive transition for your body, and the quality of your thoughts & behaviours.

Our mission is to provide to our customers the strongest insight & quality offerings of Natural Health Products & Dietary Foods available. 


We believe in a “Foods First" Mentality

Did you know that most of the population is at least deficient in one nutrient!

And the signs and symptoms vary both in physical and perceptual ways. This can include the quality of your thoughts, digestion, to the sensation of pain radiating down your spine & extremities.  

All of these can reflect the possibility that our bodies are being nutrient deficient, or sensitive!

In our shop and online store, we host delicious recipe & functional foods that encourage not only your chef skills, but eliminate any harmful ingredients that can cause you feeling sick & discomforted. Our selection is designed to provide naturally-occurring, non-synthetic nutrients through the medium of delicious foods! You can explore our Local Honeys & Farm Eggs, Herbal Tea’s, and the wide variety of wholefoods that are designed to keep your energy stable, and you at high performance all day long.

You can also access online our KIPOS STARTSMART* Index that provides an Advanced Filtration Toolbar & Fast-Track Search through common-search keys. These key tags are manufacture labels that will educate you on product certifications, allergens & what is, or isn’t in a product.


Integrity is our greatest virtue

and you will find this through the offerings of our Supplement Selection.

Supplements are standardized extracts that can be taken to improve, and or elevate your routine. They have been demonstrated to provide Therapeutic-Effects on the body & all of its systems! Some are combinations of many nutrients & strains, facilitating a multi-faceted approach; while others can target specific goals for optimized function.

Our selection is designed to provide therapeutic-effects for your organs & health concerns. We also strive to provide Innovative formula’s that simplify the supplement procedure, such as Pleasant Tastes, Quick-to-Consume, Bioavailability (Absorbency), and Dose-Control.

Supplements are a necessity for those seeking to diversify or improve their nutrient intake – they are preventative, restorative & rehabilitative for our systems both internally and externally. At our shop we select our Supplements with the highest Quality Standard, investigating its Formula Structure, Mechanisms, and Manufacture Quality Assurance. This will ensure that the supplement yields the strongest performance, within a clinically-relevant therapeutic dose, while also making it affordable to our visitors.

If you have sensitivities to specific manufacture procedures, our Advanced Filtration Toolbar & Fast-Track Search will refine products based off dietary-concerns such as Kosher, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Magnesium Stearate-Free, Veg Caps, and other labelled details.


All major milestones are the reflection of your practices, behaviours, and the way you take care of yourself!

Self-care is the act of taking care of one’s self, through hygiene, the quality of your thoughts & how you invest in practices that shape the way you view the world.

In this growing world of information, we believe it is essential to understand what goes into the products you use to nurture yourself. Transparency is the key to making conscious decisions about your health, investments, and understanding its impact on your skin, hair, and reproductive health.

Our Self-Care selection was curated to showcase the many nutrient-dense, synthetic-free alternatives of self-care items, which will serve your body in a positive manner.

As our shop continues to grow, we will continue to take on brands that align with this purpose, and modify our list according to the quality standards that is required to yield the safest yet effective self-care practices.



Integrity is the practice of continuously striving for stronger, more accurate results. We believe this is the core to our decision making, the products we provide, our store & web improvements. We honour the practice of integrity so we can serve you with the most up-to-date research on how our items provide a therapeutic effect on your mind & body.


Transparency provides our visitors with a detailed-insight on what we offer, it’s manufacturing processes, and environmental impact. We are proud to say that our ingredients are synthetic-free, cruelty-free, and work in synergy with our bodies, not against it. Our company will continue to produce more content for our shoppers to learn about the products they are exploring. 


Everyone is different, so we strive to offer products that are versatile & engaging in today’s society. This includes the method your vitamin is taken through, it's ingredients, and how we strive to bridge the millennial generation to Natural Health Awareness. As our company continues to grow, we will continue to provide new, innovative-ways to access nutrients that encourage consistent use.