BKIND: Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge - Package Free


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Konjac Root Fiber:

  • 100% natural and biodegradable 
  • Smooth application 
  • Exfoliates very gently 
  • Sensitive skin friendly 

Konjac sponge is a cleanser itself, eliminating the need for plastic bottles

Activated Charcoal

For oily and problematic skins. It absorbs the sebum, retires impurities and let your skin fresh, clean and matte.

How to Use
  • Rinse the Konjac sponge with warm water until it becomes soft
  • Massage the skin by making circular movements
  • Rinse the sponge and hang it with the string to let it dry between uses
  • After 2 or 3 months of use (or 100 uses), put the Konjac sponge in the compost

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