Preserve: Ultra-Soft Recycline Toothbrush (Eco-Friendly)


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Preserve by Recycline Toothbrush Ultra Soft With its 100% recyclable handle this toothbrush garnets you a heath smiley while helping to keep the earth clean!

  • Ultra-Soft bristle 

Its Curved handle helps clean hard-to-reach places and is made of recycled yogurt cups

While the bristles are brand new, the toothbrush is completely recyclable through Preserve's mail-in recycling program or Preserve Gimme 5 bins!


Nylon & Recycled Yogurt Cups

Suggested Use 

It is recommended to dispose of your toothbrush after six month's of use, after a cold / flu, or if you have contaminated the brush


Due to the nature of this item, we do not offer returns

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