Galenova: Castor Oil (500ml)


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Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of Ricinus communis grown in India, Russia, Brazil, Chile and Mediterranean countries. 

Castor seed oil contains 50% of fixed oils, which is a viscid fluid & slightly tinted yellow.

Traditional Uses & Therapeutic Properties

  • Topical for Hair Growth
  • Sores & Abscesses (Topical)
  • Cutaneous conditions such as Ringworm itch
  • Galactagogue (To promote lactation)
  • Commonly used as a Lubricant Purgetive (for constipation and bowel blockage)

Castor Oil

Cautions & Warnings

Castor oil consumed in high doses can be toxic due to it's presence of toxic compounds. Do not ingest. Do not take this supplement without the supervision of your Health Care Professional.