Herbaria: Sage Tea (25ct)


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Herbaria Sage Tea is a tasteful blend of herbs & phytonutrients, with unique restoring properties. 

It has been traditionally used for hormonal conditions, stomach gas & inflammation. 

Sage is mild, herb-esque tasting, and can be tolerated by most tea drinkers. It's aroma's are known to be calmative & soothing once brewed. 

The use of Sage varies, from digestive ailments to as a remedy for reducing hot flashes associated with Menopause, used as a mild tonic for cramping & PMS. 

Sage is a delicious way to wake into the morning or ease into the night. 

    About Sage

    Sage, with its characteristic grayish-green leaves and aromatic qualities, is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region and known throughout the world as both a culinary herb and for its long use in herbal medicine.

    Brewing Instructions
    • Add boiling water over the bag
    • Let steep for 4 to 6min
    • If desired sweeten with honey
    • Store box in a cool dry place

    Sage Leaf 

    Cautions & Warnings

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