Organic Traditions: Raw Coconut Butter Spread (200g)


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Organic Traditions Coconut Butter made from Pure Coconut Meat – a cream, slightly sweet delicious spread.

  • Coconut Butter is rich in Lauric Acid, and can help boost immunity & eliminate bacteria
  • Coconut Butter is loaded with healthy fats, fiber, essential amino acids, calcium & magnesium
Product Certifications
  • Keto
  • Kosher
  • Organic
How to Use Coconut Butter
  1. Use it as you would with any other nut butter in a recipe
  2. Add it to smoothies, elixirs & lattes for a creamy coconut texture.
  3. Make coconut milk instantly by blending coconut spread with hot water, no straining required.

Organic Coconut Butter