St. Francis Herb Farm: Mineral Matrix (Goat Milk Mineral Powder) (360g)


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Mineral Matrix Dehydrated Goat Whey is a natural, highly concentrated and alkaline nutritious mineral food from the dehydrated whey of goat's milk. Because it's rich in minerals that come in a form that the body can easily assimilate, it may help to correct diet-caused mineral deficiencies that contribute to disease and ill health.

  • Effectively alleviates osteoporosis
  • Relieves the pain associated with joint disorders, including rheumatism and arthritis
  • Treats stomach acidity, as well as sensitive digestion 
  • Alleviates constipation 
  • A good supplement (in diluted form) to the diet of infants, one that is especially helpful in treating colic 
  • Successful in supplying much needed minerals and trace elements that are depleted through pregnancy or breast feeding in expectant or new mothers
  • Strengthens a deficient immune system
  • Aid our bodies in overcoming lethargy and fatigue
Why do we need the Minerals in Mineral Matrix?

Since 90% of the minerals in milk are contained in the whey, MM minerals are a natural part of the microstructure of concentrated whey. Nutrient intake works best when groups of nutrients, including minerals, are available in the digestive tract at the same time. MM is a concentrated food that contains minerals in naturally occurring combinations that are well assimilated. Senate Document #264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session, claims there are serious nutritional deficiencies developing in this country because our food is lacking in certain minerals and trace elements the body requires to stay healthy. This claim was made in 1936! If concerns about the quality of our food were raised over 70 years ago, where does that leave us today? The obvious conclusion is supplying our bodies with foods high in potassium amd calcium and other minerals. 

Suggested Use

Add 2 tbsp (26g) one time daily to 250ml (8oz) of hot water, juice, yogurt, coffee, or tea. Can also be added as seasoning to salad dressings, vegetables, casseroles, gravies, and soups. Take a few hour before or after other medications.


Medicinal Ingredients (Per 2 tbsp):

  • Whey (Capra hircus) Goat Milk (26g)
  • Whey Protein (1.3g)
  • Potassium (elemental)(779mg)
  • Calcium (elemental)(190mg)
  • Phosphorous (elemental)(100mg)
  • Magnesium(elemental)(20mg)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide

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